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What Should I Bring for My Dog When Boarding?

Boarding your canine companion can be stressful for both of you. During the chaos involved with any traveling activity, you might forget what you should pack for your pup. Whether you are boarding them at a friend’s house or a daycare facility, ensuring you pack the essentials is vital.

The idea is to ensure your canine friend is comfortable and safe while you are away. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is well-cared for. So, what should you bring for your dog when boarding?


Identification Is Key

One of the most critical aspects of pet ownership is proper identification. This is true even if your pet is carrying on with their everyday life at home. However, you must ensure your dog’s information is current during a boarding stay.

A microchip or a collar with an ID tag is often the best type of identification for pups. They should contain information like your dog’s name and address. Also, your name and phone number should be up-to-date in these identifications. You may also include emergency contact information as a precautionary measure.


Familiar Cloth or Blanket

Your furry friend will miss you when you are away. Staying in an unfamiliar environment could be stressful for them. For this reason, leaving them with something familiar makes them more comfortable.

A blanket or old t-shirt can do the trick. They may hold the scent of your household as well as yours. The familiarity helps soothe your pup when they become anxious or homesick.


Favorite Toy and Snacks

If your pup is boarding, there is a good chance they will need some distraction. An effective way to do this is by bringing their favorite toys to help them enjoy their stay and interact with new friends. Packing a good number of long-lasting chews is also a great idea.

These items may remind your dog of home and make it feel like they never left. For instance, you can ask the boarding facility to give your pup a particular treat at a specific time.


Emergency Contact Information

When boarding your pup, it is essential to give emergency contact information. You should provide the boarding facility or friend/caretaker with the following information:


  • The phone number and name of a person who will take care of your pet if there is an emergency.

  • Details of your local emergency veterinarian along with a signed form indicating what decisions your pet’s caretaker is allowed to make for you if you are unavailable and indicating that you will be financially responsible for any care that your pet receives.

  • Details of your regular veterinarian.

  • Information on how to reach you or anyone else authorized to make decisions for your pet’s care in case of an emergency.

The more information you give, the better people will be able to respond in an emergency.


Supplements and Medications

If your pup gets supplements or prescription medications, you will want to pack those. Ensure you give the boarding facility clear instructions on how and when to administer them, as well as an extra supply in case of a change in vacation plans.

For more on what to bring for your dog when boarding, visit Animal Hospital of Humble in Humble, Texas. Call (281) 812-1960 to book an appointment.

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