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Dr. Rickie Christensen

Dr. Stephen Elorriaga

Dr. Rickie Christensen

Dr. Rickie Christensen, a compassionate soul with a passion for veterinary medicine. Raised on a farm in South Texas, surrounded by animals of all kinds, she developed an unwavering love and affinity for the well-being of creatures great and small. With 16 years of dedicated experience in working with dogs, cats, and horses, Dr. Christensen is committed to providing exceptional care to her furry patients.

When she's not donning her white coat, you can find Dr. Christensen indulging in her favorite hobby - horseback riding. Beyond her professional pursuits and hobbies, Dr. Christensen's heart is filled with the love she has for her beloved pets. From dogs to horses and even a donkey, they add an extra dose of happiness to her life. And as if that weren't enough excitement, Dr. Christensen recently welcomed a beautiful addition to her family - her daughter Caroline.

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